The chef will conquer you with the unique flavors of the bell and local tradition. Simple and genuine ingredients of our land, which together create real masterpieces created with an essential ingredient that gives a touch of more: passion. 

Our restaurant is perfect for setting the wedding day. In fact, the salt and terraces overlook the sea giving a suggestive and romantic sunset.

Wedding restaurant in Vietri sul Mare offering classic dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and local tradition. Simple and natural products, grown in our vegetable garden such as tomatoes, aubergines and other seasonal vegetables.

The delicacies of the sea, the Salerno gulf anchovy fried with a splash of our Coastal lemons, the orange fish fillet are just some of the specialties you can enjoy at our restaurant. All accompanied by the wines of our wine cellar DOC Campania; Including the Greco di Tufo, the Lacrima Cristi of Vesuvius the Taurasi. There are 20 DOC Campani wines and 70 other typologies.